Georgee Talkbox

Georgee Talkbox also admits under the name Funky G. He is one of the most well-known Talkboxers of Europe and renowned in the Poppin‘ scene. He became more well-known by his Electric Boogaloo Track he produced for the EB`s. After he met the Electric Boogaloos, Suga Pop, Popin Pete and Skeeter Rabbit he gave Suga Pop a CD with his EB’s Track. After one year he started working with Suga Pop on some new Tracks for his Album. Suga Pop and Popin Pete took his tracks to Taiwan and some other Countrys. Georgee wrote the Hook and Verse of the well known Talkbox Production „Talkbox Fever“ and sang on Funky Westyle of French Rapper Rekta. Georgee-Talkbox admits in the whole world. He`s music proves his class as a Funk and Soul musician. y His spectrum contains, P and G Funk, Soul and bit of electro-Hip Hop. Georgee calls his music style TalkboxFunk. All of a sudden He is a member of Funktastixs Family. Georgee’s Talkbox Funk music apears on Konee Rocks DVD relase: „What’s Poppin“ as well as on the“ Electric Boogaloos forever“ DVD made by Suga Pop. His influences are Artists like Stevie Wonder, Roger Troutman, Prince, Teddy Riley, Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, Debarge, Charlie Wilson, The Whispers, Donnie Hathaway, Popin Pete and Suga Pop. Nowadays he likes to listen to the Albums of Take 6, Brian McKnight, Musiq, Joe, Dwele, the Winans, Dog Pound and Snoop Dogg.

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