Jorge Perianes

Art by: Jorge Perianes

Born 1974 in Ourense, Spain

He lives and works in Vigo, where he studied Fine Arts at the university. During the year 2008, thanks to a grant for Artistic Creation Abroad from Unión Fenosa, he lived in Berlin and London.

This artist’s imaginative, meticulous, ironic narrative work has continued to surprise viewers at his latest exhibitions. In the small scale as well as the large installations Perianes establishes a play between attraction and repulsion that seeks to draw unsuspecting spectators towards work that ultimately conceals a forcefully enigmatic, melancholic and even tragic essence.

Latest group shows:

Arte Contemporáneo en Patios Quiteños, Quito, Ecuador

XXXI Bienal de Arte Pontevedra 2010, Ut(r)ópicos, Pontevedra, Spain

Dieta del mediterráneo, La Casa de las ideas, Antigua Fábrica de Tabaco, Alicante, Spain

Grant of Artistic Creation abroad. Unión Fenosa, A Coruña, Spain

Pan American Art Projects, curator for Gerardo Mosquera

El Patio de mi casa, Specific intervention in the court of Orive’s Palace

Photos:  Oliver Rath

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