BerliNeon „There is nothing more powerful than love. With love, everything can be created. Love brings life. My parents love each other like in a fairy tale. They love each other so much, they are able to spread borders. Borders of countries and political barriers. Born in different countries from different continents of the world, they met each other in Berlin and decided to stay. But bad people would not let them stay until they would present a good reason not to leave their city, just love is reason but not a permission.

So my mom and dad decided to share their love with the Berlin people. They decided to create something beautiful, something that would let them fear loosing it, something that shines so bright, they would follow the light. They created me.

There is passion for Berlin. Its streetart, its emblems, its nightlife. Mom & Dad found love in it. They born me because I shine at night and attract. From now on, they show me their Berlin. I am shining a lot, I am neon green and a brilliant laser, you have to know. I am shining to the people and let them shine with me. I’m proud to make the people follow our paths, the paths of Berlin and the paths of our love.“

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Hair & Make Up: Nicole Seifried – Assistent: Sebastian Marggraf – Photo: Oliver Rath

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