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On 24th April last year, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Savar, Bangladesh.

The  textile  industry  is  widely  regarded  as  a  major  contributor  to  global  pollution  but,
according  to  research  by  Deloitte, 2  in  3  fashion  companies  are  not  focused  on  engaging  consumers  with
regard  to  sustainability.   According  to  the  Australian  Fashion  Report  in  2013, 61%  of  companies
surveyed  didn’t  know  where  their  garments  were  made. Fashion  Revolution  Day  says  enough  is  enough.
Fashion is  a  force  to  be  reckoned  with.  It  inspires,  provokes,  leads  and  entertains.  And,  from  April  2014,  it’s  going  to  do  even  more.
Because  we’re  turning  fashion  into  a  force  for  good. With  one  simple  question:  ‚Who  Made  Your  Clothes?‘  we’re  asking  everyone   who’s  taking  part   in  Fashion  Revolution  Day  to  be  curious,  find  out,  do  something  about  it, by  wearing  an  item  of  clothing  inside  out,  photographing  it  and  then  sharing  it  with  the  hashtag  #insideout on  all  social  networks.
That  way, people  all  over  the  world  designers  and  icons, high  street  shops  and  high  couture,   cotton  farmers  and  factory  workers,  campaigners,  academics,  the  media  and  any  individual  who  cares  about  what  they  wear can  come  together  to  demand  greater  transparency.

We believe in a fashion industry
 values people,the
environment, creativity and
profit in equal measure.

Our mission is to
bring everyone 
to make that happen.


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