The photographer undresses his debut book during an event at Berlin’s Humboldt Box Berlin, September 2014 – “Just do it!“ – Once he has captured a motif, he puts it

online almost straight away – preferably on a daily basis. Well-known for this phenomenal work ethic, Oliver Rath is equally (in)famous for his provocative and

evocative imagery. He portrays celebrities, Berlin scenesters and models in excessive and oblivious, yet also exuberant and euphoric scenarios.

Just like the city itself, Rath’s take on the “Berlin Bohème“, his first ever foray into the realm of printed books, oscillates between trash and chi-chi, throwing a spotlight on the gaping chasms and entire dimensions between the districts of Friedrichshain and Charlottenburg, contrasted and brought together by Rath’s capable eye and hand.

“A splinter in paradise” is director Klaus Lemke’s take on the prolific photographer from the Black Forest who has more than earned his place among Germany’s top snappers thanks to the impressively high quality and consistency of his output. Covering a wealth of prominent faces beyond the above-mentioned Lemke,


“Berlin Bohème“ treats us to a rich reflection of Berlin’s different worlds and scenes, including their resident celebrities and characters. The missing link between

these realms, Rath effortlessly switches sides to immortalise his ideas and motifs with only the slightest subjective nuances. The results are truly unusual takes on faces like a. o. Joko Winterscheidt, Jogi Löw, Wilson Gonzales Ochsenknecht, Palina Rojinski, H.P. Baxxter or Karl Lagerfeld.To celebrate the “Berlin Bohème“ release, Rath has found the perfect location for his forays between different scenes and styles. On October 1st, the Humboldt Box at Schlosspark 5 will host the launch party for his 192-page book, attended by the portrayed celebrities and notorious personalities. “Publishing a book is probably every photographer’s biggest dream.

And although I would love nothing more than do the next one already, I am naturally

incredibly proud of “Berlin Bohème“. Rightly so, considering the debut’s incredibly versatility – it is at least as multifaceted as Rath’s own photography and personality.


Over the past few years, Oliver Rath has blossomed into one of Germany’s most exciting photographic talents with iconic images caught between blissful insouciance and disturbing distress, happiness and abject misery. Often drenched in nudity, drugs and excess, his pictures nevertheless brim with a unique sense of humour, leaving viewers never just unsettled, repelled or attracted, but often with a delightfully disturbing blend of all these different sensations. “Berlin Bohème” highlights the entire spread and scope of Oliver Rath – and his chosen muse, the city of Berlin.

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