Hey, kotzen till the filmroll comes! its Berlinale time and you probably forgot already about the next Filmriss event!!
No problem thats why you have me. As I warned you before. Its about time to get ready. Its time to loose your mind and take a step in to the Filmriss World. This special night during the Berlinale is for you and your friends who love movies. We got bigger. It will be better. Something will happen you wont remember. Cause if you remember you haven’t lived. (Wer sich erinnert, hat nichts erlebt.) ########## WillyWonka presents 3 Years of Filmriss Numero #6 Filmhitsfloor: Filmhitsteam Dj Ameise (The one and only) Christough ( Jennifer Rostock Band) Danny D ( CASPER Band) – Filmrissfloor: Filmhits Team Etnik ( Warner Music/ Owsla) Torrette Boyz (Dj Binichnich/ HARRIS & Dj Brando) AmokKoma (Trap/Dupstep/HipHop) – Special Filmriss Live Act – Stephen Paul Taylor And very Special Filmriss Surprise Act – 10€ – Midnight – Im excited for the Filmrissfest you should be too. WillyWonka 

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