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28. September 2011

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The Deal is Done

14. Mai 2011

Pink Forest & Moga e Mago

For the blog experts Oliver Rath and Jan Luckenbill, Berlin is the centre of international hanky-panky.

During the last 20 years they have become the most popular lifestyle observers. Since no longer than a year they publish their results. Now they have allied using the term „90 billions“ and control the lucrative trend-commerce with their media power in Europe and overseas. 90 billions are the organized goal. Insiders suspect that this is actually about money laundering.

An immigrant muse reports on her experiences, observations and research, „the enormous range of influence is led back to an investment in the change of the porn industry.“

The for information well paid stylist Henning Schulz revealed that by the preached goal of “90 billions” it is not necessarily said that it is about Euro. It could also be ballots. Virgins and visitor numbers of the blogs are also an option. That’s all he wants to disclose for the information at a secret commission of one million Euro.

Ignorance does not help, you are committed to the merge of „90 billions”. You either play along, or …